Friday, February 26, 2010


Hey i have just received a lovely package containing 5 of my wallets from Poketo, and as i am skint i have put them straight up for sale on my online shop! Get em while they're hot here!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Created In Birmingham Shop

Hey I would just like to take a minute bring to your attention that there is a new shop opening up in the Bullring tomoz called 'Created In Birmingham'. It will be selling all sorts of products and work by Birmingham based creatives. I have some of my tote bags and a few tees etc in there. The grand opening with music and drinks etc wil...l be tomoz 5pm-8pm. I think it is open for 6weeks but it may be open longer if it does well. If you go into Birmingham over the next few weeks check it out, it is on the left hand side as you enter in the Bull statue entrance, Opposite the Apple shop. All the details here.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I have just done a little interview with Poketo, kind of as promotion for my new wallet design which they have produced and are selling on their site (see previous post). You can check it out here.


Hey there music fans i have just completed my first in a series of monthly mixes called CIRCLE:0NE. You can listen to its stream here, or alternatively you can download it as a podcast here. The mix includes tracks from Andrew Weatherall, Joe Goddard, Alter Ego, Laurent Garnier, Fuck Buttons and Grizzly Bear, amongst others.

Monday, February 15, 2010


The American company Poketo are now stocking a wallet covered in two bits of my work. The wallet is one of a series of wallet designs, by 4 artist, based on papercut work. You can check it out here

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Over the next 3 Saturdays and Sundays leading up to Xmas i will have a stall at the 'All I Want For Xmas' Market at The Old Truman Brewery in trendy Shoreditch, London. It looks like a really festive and fun event so if you are around in London pop by and come and say hello!

we will be there 5th/6th, 12th/13th, 19th/20th from 10am-6pm

you can find out all the details on the market here:

I will be sharing the stall with:

Jane Anderson (
Karoline Rerrie (
Paul Roberts (
Sara Fowles (

We will be selling a wide range of items such as cards, postcard books, prints, badges, tees, totes, plushes etc.

Friday, October 16, 2009


A complimentary copy of FL@33's brand spanking new book 'Made & Sold' dropped through my door today! It is an awesome book jam packed full of top artists work, i also have a page in there dedicated to my postcard book project! Check it out on the Laurence King website, you can also get £7 off when you buy on the site with this special top secret code CONTRIB6289, shhh!

Copies of my postcard book are also still available from my shop.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Stitched Up

I have recently designed a tee for The tee takes its inspiration from The Smiths song 'This Charming Man'. It would be cool if you could have a little peak at my design and see what you recon! The rule of the Teepay website is that if you like a design enough you can place an order, once 50 orders have been placed the tee gets printed! When the clock reaches 50 you get your tee and i get some royaltees, yipee!!! I hope you like! Click here to see the design.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A View Of London Exhibition

Just a quick one to let you know that i have got a bit of work in an up coming exhibition at the London Transport Museum. If you are in an around London in the next month and have a spare afternoon, take a peak! Here is the blurb...

A View of London, an exhibition of illustrations showing different aspects of the Capital and life in London, opens at London Transport Museum on 18 May 2009. Over fifty works of art, all with the uniting theme of transport and how it features in the lives of Londoners and the urban landscape will be on show.

Organized by London Transport Museum in partnership with the Association of Illustrators, some of the UK's best artists were invited to submit works of art that portray the city as an exciting and varied place for Londoners, commuters and visitors, along with information about the inspiration behind the illustration.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Advanced Photoshop Magazine

A quick heads up to say that Advanced Photoshop Magazine has featured my postcard book in this months issue for an article on promotional merchandise. They also asked me for some of my advice, i hope my few sentences of wisdom were of some help to someone! Just to let you guys know, limited edition copies of my Postcard book are still available from my online shop!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dear Miss Hubbard...

I have just completed 5 new images for the group exhibition Dear Miss Hubbard... Set up by Them Lot Collectives James Bourne. The exhibition is based on imaginative interpretations of what's in an unopened envelope, addressed to a Miss Hubbard. James worked with Solihull pupils exploring who Miss Hubbard might be and this inspired the artwork exhibited.

The exhibition PV takes place on 19th March at the Solihull Gallery. For more info, and to invite yourself along click here. There are some top illustrators taking part, it should be a great evening, hope you can make it!

See one of my five images produced for the exhibition below.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fused Magazine Article

Hey guys! Just checking in briefly to direct you to a lovely article that Fused Magazine has just kindly done on me. Its a very nice piece and i thanks Fused for taking the time and Amelia for providing the incisive words!

Check it out here.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Join Me On Facebook?

I now have a Fan page on Facebook. Please click here to join my merry band of followers, if you want, no pressure!!


Well its been about 3 years in the planning and 8 months in the developing but its finally here, my very own portfolio website!!!

Im very happy how the site has worked out, a big thank you goes to the whole team at Tak! Design Agency, who created and built the site!

Please check the site out and let me know what you think!


P.S. The PixelBox drawing application on the site is still in development but should be up early next year.

Postcard Book- Out Now!

At last after 6 months of work my new postcard book, Colour vs. Context has been printed and is ready for release! Colour vs. Context contains 24 illustrated postcards which are bound together and can either be used as a book, or individual pages can be ripped out and sent as postcards to chums!

Each book comes stamped with an official Colourbox product stamp and is individually hand numbered. Only a limited edition run of 500 books have been produced, no re-runs. I now only have slightly over 200 copies for sale, so hurry, get your copy from my online shop before they are gone, for good!


I recently took part in the '08 Plus Design Festival in Birmingham (UK), this was my second year taking part in this annual festival. Thanks to Plus for inviting me! you can see more pics from the Festival on my website (up and running very soon!)

FL@33 Book-Postcard!

A new book compiled by FL@33 and published by Laurence King has just been released and an image of mine is featured within! I have been sent a copy of the book and it looks great! Loads of thanks go to FL@33 for including me in the book and Laurence King for sending me a free copy! I highly recommend this book, it is jam packed full of great work by loads of brilliant artists and comes with 20 free postcards! Available in all good Stockists now!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Just a quick one to say that the other day i received my free copy of the new AOI Images 32 annual, which incidentally features my image 'Konig Von Nichts' on page 138! Im very happy to have work inside this book, it is a very nice book stacked full of great artwork!

To run along side the publication of the book there is an exhibition featuring all the work. The exhibition is currently located at the London College of Communication until the 29th Aug '08, the exhibition then tours all around the country through out the year, to find out where it goes and the dates go to the AOI website

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I have just recently completed my 3rd Album Sleeve illustration for American based label Private Label records. I decided to try something new sewing the album sleeve in wool! I quite enjoyed the result and have recently started using this technique in some other illustrations, however it is really time consuming and i dont know if im that patient to use this technique all that regularly! Plus it is quite hard to photograph the final result, i am a terrible photographer!!



I have recently been working on lots of new imagery for a new 24 page postcard book that will be published later this summer. Its been very stressful and slow going but i hope the results will be worth it!! The postcard book will be primarily be part of a promotional campaign that will launch my new website, along with new t-shirts, tote bags and badge packs. However a number will be held back and will be available for purchase through my online shop. Here is a sneak preview of some of the new imagery for the postcard book.



I have recently had my first meeting with Tak, the design agency who are building my brand new, first ever professional website. I am very excited and really looking forward to seeing what concepts they are going to come up with, what ever they do i know it will be great because they are a great team of creatives who i know i can trust to do a grand job. Check out their Website here. Its been 3 years in the waiting for a proper website and thanks to funding from Birmingham City Council, Business Link and my very supportive parents its now becoming a reality!! Im hoping the site should be built by the end of the summer, watch this space for more details!!!



Hi guys and galls! Yet again i have let my blog postings slip by the wayside a bit recently, but i am back now to inform you about some of my latest news. I have some interesting new t-shirt news, some of you who have read my previous blog entries may remember that i won Silver Prize in the IDN Magazine/Graniph T-Shirt competition. Well the other day i received a package in the post from Graniph, enclosing a number of my winning t-shirts, it was very exciting to see my work on a number of neatly packaged crisp new t-shirts! The T-shirts are now on sale on the Graniph website, check it out here!

I also have a number of these t-shirts that are not my size (ss, s, and l) just sitting at home doing nothing, im not sure what i will do with them yet but i may give them away in a competition once my website is up and running. So keep your eyes pealed for that!!

Also In more Graniph news i have recently been awarded the Silver Prize in the Annual Graniph Design awards. The design below should be on sale on the Graniph website in the next month or so.

And thats all the Graniph news!!


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dont Panic Doll Designs, Please Vote For Me Now!!

Howdy doody folks!!! I have very recently (as in the last 2 hours) completed, some designs for the Dont Panic Momji Doll design competition. These doll designs are based around the idea of Tokyo Fashions, each doll is dressed in a differing Tokyo fashion style.

I would reallyu appreciate it if you could visit my voting page here and vote for my designs, i need to get into the top 10 voted designs if i have any chance of my doll being judged the winner. At the moment i am about 50 votes behind 10th place as i have up loaded my designs a week late, (ooops!!) so your help would be very much appreciated!!

The winning design gets a cash prize and gets to see their designs made by Momji and sold in all Selfridges stores, its a really cool prize, so i am really going for it, i hope you can help.

many thanks


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2nd Kurt Morrison Record Sleeve

Just completed the second design for Kurt Morrison's single Falling (In Love), its totally different from the first design i did, but i kinda like them both in differing ways, lets see what Kurt thinks!


Thursday, February 7, 2008


This is my illustration for the latest Private Label Records release, Julian Sanza's Communication.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Hi did this piece for the Brahma Beer competition, unfortunately i got the entry in late so it was a bit of a waste of time but hey there we go!



I just completed my design for Private Label Records first release, Kurt Morrison- Falling (In Love). Im currently working on their second release, you'll just have to wait and see what i come up with!



I recently completed this logo design for this up and coming Chicago House Record Company, Private Label. Lucky for me they were happy with the end result, jobs a gudun!!



I have just received confirmation from Birmingham City Council that it has approved my application for my promotional material and website project, which i am really happy about! So hopefully in the next few months i will have some wicked new promo material and a lovely website! All i have to do is design it all!! Better pull my finger out!



I have just recently found out that my entry into the IDN Magazine and Graniph T-Shirt competition received a silver prize, woohoo!! This means a little bit of money in the bank but really it was just nice that people liked my design enough to give it a prize, no matter what the prize was!

Check out the Feb issue of IDN to see my entry along with the other prize winners, also i my image may be being made into a t-shirt by so keep your eyes peeled to their website for more info if you wish to wear this design around town!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Put Your Feet Up!

I have just produced a design for German based design company N'Table. N'Table make tables that are also works of art by, "breaking the boundaries between art and design." Artists are invited to produce artwork that will cover N'Table's sleek, modern table design. Hopefully if all goes well the image below will be appearing on one of their designer tables some time in the new year. Keep your eyes pealed for more info on this project.


Universal Pools

I recently completed an image for an open submission competition run by IDN Magazine and The theme was 'Universe' i went a little off beat and based my image on the words from a dj food song, it goes a little bit like this: 'These pools are doorways, from your world, to all worlds'.

The image should pop up in IDN Magazines special 'Universe' edition at some point, and hopefully Graniph will see sense and award me first prize too, cant see it happening but you never know!

All entries should be posted up on IDNs website very soon if you wish to check out my competition!


GRA Exhibition

I have produced a new image for a GRA (Genuine Roman Art) exhibition taking place in Roma, Italy. The exhibition is based on work inspired by the UK and artwork had to be produced with the colours of the flag, blue, white and red.

If you are in Roma around xmas and would like to visit the exhibition the details are below.

Exhibition Date: 22/23 December
Location: Rialto Santambrogio - Roma - Italy


Book of Postcards

Hi guys and galls!! After what seems like an age im hopping back on my blog to update you on what i have been getting up too, I really should post my news up more regularly but you know how it is!

A piece of my artwork has recently been selected to be in a new book called 'POSTCARD' compiled by FL@33 and published by Laurence King, which is very exciting!

'POSTCARD' is the only book to document recent postcard design, this will appeal to anyone interested in art, design and graphics and taps into the trend for postcards – popular in art, advertising and as limited editions for collectors.

Designed and compiled by international design studio FL@33, the book features over 100 artists, illustrators, photographers, designers and studios/collectives from all around the world, with emerging talents sitting alongside established artists.

Features handmade artworks, limited edition sets and commercial promo cards, high-tech postcards and interactive online projects that successfully link the virtual with the physical world.

You may have to wait a little time before you can get your hands on a copy though because it is not going to be released worldwide until September 2008.

Im getting a bit itchy i want to have my free copy now! For more details on the book and other FL@33 projects visit


Tuesday, October 30, 2007


This is an image i made for Sneaker Marmalade Magazine's open submission, for a article on the new Puma MTV Sneaker range. Im not sure it made it into the mag in the end, but i had a bit of fun doing it anyway.



I am fresh from exhibiting a piece of my work, along with my other WSA collective members and high profile artists and agencies, at the Plus International Design Conference and Exhibition. For the exhibition i decided to paint up an old sofa and combine it as an installation with an animation that i created. Unfortunately i have not got the animation to show as for some reason i cant download it on this blog page, bloody technology! Anyway here's some images of the show and my sofa, the festival was great to be involved in with over 5000 people turning out to see it over the week. I hope we can do it again next year!!



Some of my work has just been featured in the Spanish cultural magazine Lamono, which is nice.



I was invited to take part is this group/colab exhibition in Studio 4 Gallery at the Custard Factory, Birmingham by Paul Roberts (Monsters Monsters). Paul sent out images he made of his monster critters in various forms to artists from all over, to put their own mark on (see my effort below). I was very happy to be asked to be involved in this show alongside many other great artists and illustrators. Unfortunately i have been really slow to get images of this show so it has now been and gone, but there are plans to tour it around the country hopefully next year, so keep them eyes peeled!!


Back Again!

Hellooo!! Anyone there!?! Im back again!! With a new set of posts after what seems like an age! My apologies for those of you sad enough to actually come here, if there are any people out there who do at all?! i dont really have any excuses, i have just been really lazy and haven't got round to posting up the new creative bits and bobbins that i have been up to. I have been doing the odd thing to keep my hands busy and hopefully i can update you with them now!!

Firstly i am quite excited because the other day i found out that one of my newish images 'Konig Von Nichts'(see below), has been selected to go into the AOI Images 32 Annual, which is great news for me as it is the third year in a row that i have entered an image to be in the Annual but is only the first time i have actually been selected, woohoo!! now i just have to try and find the cash from somewhere to actually be able to pay for my page!!

Thats it for now really, i hope you enjoy the new load of posts that i am just about to put up.

speak soon!!!


Friday, August 17, 2007


For its latest project the Collective that i am a member of produced a zine called MUK, the first issue was based on the theme of Unfortunate Incidents. The top image is the image i produced for the show, called 'The Unfortunate Nature of Opinions'. The second image is of me admiring my image in a kinda self satisfied way, at the MUK zine private view!!